Svartwulf: Justice, Law, and Retribution

“A Heathen, conceivably. But not, I hope, an unenlightened one.”

I began my path as a sorcerer, alchemist, and philosopher, trying to find my path in the world with hard won knowledge and my will. I am still these things, but in 2012 I became the son of Hel, Goddess of Death.

What pushed me on this path? In a word, conflict. I was raised in a conservative, religious home, though the religion changed every few years, starting with Southern Baptist, then to home church, Messianic, Messianic Judaism, Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, and then the world I knew was shattered, as forces not meant to be bound were constrained tighter and tighter. After that, Atheism is where I went, the Sith teachings, till Alchemy showed me the gods could, and then did, exist. From there it was a matter of which team I wanted to play for. I thought Lucifer, but wanted nothing to do with the God of Abraham, who had no ties to my ancestors. At last I looked to my people, found their Gods, and found them worthy of my respect. So I joined.

But my time as a child under the Abrahamic God’s religions taught me much about them, and about him. Just as my growing to Manhood has taught me the mysteries of the world that were hidden away from me. Ever learning, I do not shy away from the dark places, but rather I sought them. As a Dark Icarus, the shadowed reflection of the one who flew so high that he melted his wings and fell, I fell and grew wings of blackest night. And so I learned to fly.

When first I came to the net, and began to wander the pathways of the world and speak my mind, I had a name. But I have left that name behind. The dream of that name burned in the reality of the world, and the intolerance of people in their righteousness. That is why I now bear the name of Svartwulf, the black wolf, the predator of the darkness.

Now, through adoption and recognition, hardwork and a bit of luck, I am becoming more than a mere predator of those forces that haunt the night.

But this is my word. In my “intolerance” I shall be more tolerant than the “Tolerant” people. In my “judgements” I shall be less judgmental than those who say it is wrong to judge. Some will call me evil, and say that I am what is wrong with this world. But this is only natural. I have gazed upon the things they wish not to see, and drag from the darkness that which they would leave there.

The world sneers at what it doesn’t know, can’t understand, or doesn’t want to believe. They will call those they do not like fools, ill educated, wrong, evil, or a hundred other demeaning and cruel names. But if you, like me, have found the world unwilling to accept you, I am here. Be you on the fringe, in the hedge, believing yourself an otherkin, I give you here a home. If you’re too goth or punk for the mainstream, too pagan for the Christians and the Muslims and the Atheists, I give you a home. If you’re too dark and weird for the Pagans, I give you here a home. Because we who know the ways of magic, who pray to Old Gods, who do not hide from the ugly things, we do not need to be like the “mainstream” of anything. Through will and power, we can make ourselves what we wish, without them.

Because I am the Son of the Goddess Hel, The King with the Goddess Hel and that is who and what I am becoming. I will the legislation of my own morality, and in that will I give home to those rejected and those accepted.

Because I Will, and do what you will shall be the whole of the Law.

8 thoughts on “Svartwulf: Justice, Law, and Retribution”

  1. Very interesting. I shall come back to read more.


  2. I just wanted to let you know your blog has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find details of the rules etc on my blog.


  3. I just wanted to tell you I had nominated you for the Lovely Blog award. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. “Oops I did it again…” I have just nominated you for The Witchy Blog Award! Congratulations!


  5. Great introduction! Will be reading more.


  6. Award time again! This time I have nominated you for the Liebster Award via my Devil’s Advocate blog because I think you desreve it an I am curious about your answers to my questions.


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