Asatru: World’s Greatest Religion*


Okay, I’m saying it here for anyone who doesn’t get it. Those posts running from 6/24/12 – 6/30/12 are basically me doing a semi-parody of my own religion: Asatru. This was brought about mostly by seeing blogs like Islam World’s Greatest Religion which touted that their religion was the best, greatest, only, etc.

Frankly, I got sick of it. I don’t think my religion is the best in the world. It’s just the best for me. That said, in writing these posts (as over the top as they might be) I’ve found out that yeah, my religion is pretty cool. At least to me.

It doesn’t hurt that I kinda picture Billy Mays voicing these posts.

rip Billy

Anyways, that’s what’s happening and why the name change and stuff like that for the week. All will be as close to normal as I ever get next week.

Please stop screaming in terror…


*Warning: Asatru may or may not be the world’s greatest religion. Your mileage may vary with Asatru and other heathen religions. Asatru does not promise you salvation from your sins or an easy way out for past wrongs you have done to people. Asatru is a religion with homework. Those allergic to reading or thinking for themselves may find they have difficulty with Asatru. Do not take Asatru if you are a religious zealot, as you might find the multiplicity of opinions might cause headaches, nausea, open-mindedness, and an intolerance for religious stupidity and supremacy from monotheistic religions.

3 thoughts on “Asatru: World’s Greatest Religion*”

  1. I love it. It is the World Greatest Religion because it is right for you, same that Mine is the Worlds Greatest, for Me. You have found your Faith Unshakable and Unquestionable, because it is Your Faith.


  2. Dude, you did a great job! This is hilarious and true.


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