The Vices and Virtues Project

So when I was posting everyday back in 2012 I started a little project about the Vices and Virtues in the Heathen and Christian communities. A compare and contrast, as well as a deeper look into how those “vices” could be good. I never finished it, but I figured I’d bring it back from archive hell since I’m thinking I do want to complete it and turn it into a book, just like the Getting Started series. Enjoy.

Vices and Virtues Project


The Nine Noble Virtues VnV

Nine Noble Virtues: Strength VnV

Nine Noble Virtues: Courage VnV

Nine Noble Virtues: Joy Vnv

The Nine Noble Virtues: Honor VnV

The Nine Noble Virtues: Freedom VnV

Nine Noble Virtues: Kinship VnV

Nine Noble Virtues: Realism VnV

Nine Noble Virtues: Vigor VnV

The Nine Noble Virtues: Ancestry VnV


The Seven Deadly Sins; Vices and Virtues

SDS: Wrath Vnv

SDS: Avarice (Greed) VnV

SDS: Sloth VnV

SDS: Pride VnV

SDS: Lust VnV


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