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  1. I have a question, but didn’t know where to put it. In the Norse religion, what is the difference between the gods and the giants. From my understanding of the creation story, they have the same origin and Odin himself is a half breed. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m trying to write this from memory. So are giants and gods two “breeds” of a singular “species”?


    • You’ve manage to ask one of the most complex questions in Heathenry, so forgive me if this gets a bit rambly.

      Essentially they are both the same “species,” though by all acounts all the major groups of the Nine Realms are of the same species (since they can all interbreed). Now, the Gods and Giants did come from two different origins. The Gians (Jotuns) come from Ymir, the first Giant, who gave birth to the race of Jotuns when one of his legs slept with the other and got pregnant. The Gods decended from a being that was melted from the ice matter created by the realms Niflheim and Muspelheim coming together (which also created Ymir). So they are different groups as well.

      Ultimately though, there are examples of Jotuns becoming Gods (Loki, Hel, and Skadi being the most prominent examples, but there are others). So the difference isn’t so much a racial/species difference.

      The true difference between Giants and Gods comes from their essential natures and “functions” if you will. Giants represent the uncontrolled elements (the most common being Frost giants), beings of the wild winter-storm or raging fire. Where as the Gods represent the control of elements, To put it another way, the Gods create and govern the energies of their domain, where as Giants are more born from the chaos of uncontrolled elemental energies.

      I hope that explains it, at least a little bit. 🙂


  2. Question for you. Do you think that Economic Collapse (Such as what we’re seeing in Greece) could be a tool for Nature to control Human Population.


    • An interesting question.

      On the one hand…no. Partially because I don’t think Nature is a consciousness so much as a “set of guidelines.” Any consciousness in the matter would be from Gods or Spirits, and I don’t really see many of them inherently wanting to destroy economies and ruin lives. That’s not to say they aren’t, but generally there are signs and giant lightning-bolts when they want to make a point before punishing people.

      On the other hand, the Economic Collapse is a Natural Thing. The Greek economy is collapsing for a very simple reason. They “spend” too much and do not “make” enough. If you eat all your grain, and do not work hard enough to create more, then you will starve. Given that Greeks seem to retire earlier than everyone else and most of their retirement is based on Government charity, but the population ends up not paying all that much in taxes, then it is little wonder when a Government goes deeper and deeper into debt to pay, but never pays it back. So that is a natural thing to happen. Infinite resources are for Star Trek and Communist wet dreams. Not so much reality.

      Will this lead to form of “population control?” Maybe. The truth is that Europe and America aren’t really running out way beyond their resources. The majority just aren’t working to produce resources. It’s a consumer culture rather than a production culture. So the Economic collapse could push that in reverse, because when you cannot buy, and you are not given, then you must make yourself. However, given how much forgein aid had led to population booms in famine stricken areas like africa, should that aid stop you would see “population control” happen naturally as those who cannot be sustained by those resources die and the population fall back into what the areas resources could support.

      So it is a Natural Thing, but not necessarily Nature doing it.


  3. Only cowards disable comments on their posts.

    Maybe if you wanna comment on the politics of ma’at you shouldn’t role out with “I literally have not even researched this topic however my assumptions are thus” followed my pearl clutching over the necessity of sacral kingship and “muh traditions that are literally only attested on the continent and seem to have disappeared by the medieval period but are ENTIRELY NECESSARY to heathenry!”


    • Comments are fully enable on this blog, so I would kindly ask you to not go around lying and making claims otherwise. Also, I would kindly ask you not go making up shit and putting words in my mouth. While this site does require moderation on certain comments (namely those with links) you have not made any such comment requiring moderation.

      Look, it’s very clear you have some personal issues to work out, a lot of anger and abusive behavior. I would counsel you to seek professional help dealing with the abuse you have suffered in your life and find healthier ways of dealing with it rather than being an ideological bigot who goes around insulting people just because you happen to disagree with them.


      • tbh I just wanted to point out on your most recent post that sacral kingship is by no means the pervasive and necessary aspect of heathenry you seem to think it is but there’s no reply box at the bottom. Don’t blame me for the fact Devo linked me to your post about ma’at whereini you admit multiple times you dunno wtf ma’at is lol.


        • nah, i’ll just blame you for being triggered, going off on a tirade, lying, and being your usual abusive self because you can’t handle disagreement while apparently being unable to work basic web pages.

          And sure, sacred kingship isn’t a big thing in heathenism today, but it was pretty much the norm across almost every culture, every ethnicity, and every time even up to the modern era in some locations. As for knowing or not knowing what Ma’at is, sure, I don’t know the details but I know its a form of Divine Justice and there tend to be a lot of universal commonalities in that field, and I do know about that stuff.

          But let’s be entirely honest here, you’re upset because some of the stuff in my post hit waaaaay to close to home and that makes you angry. My suggestion, based on many experiences, is that this anger is likely a sign that your soul and your mind are at war and your mind is trying to silence what your soul knows to be true because mentally you’re having problems dealing with the fact that what you believe is right is going against what your soul knows is right. I honestly wish I could help you, but that’s just something you’re going to have to deal with on your own, and it is something you should deal with rather than coming over and being abusive to me or anyone else for that matter.


          • “And sure, sacred kingship isn’t a big thing in heathenism today, but it was pretty much the norm across almost every culture, every ethnicity, and every time even up to the modern era in some locations.”

            It may well have not even been the norm among historic Germanic tribes and if it was, it was for a relatively brief period of history. And it’s hardly comparable to things like the Pharaoh in the periods it was attested. Like you’re literally trying to post about kemeticism without even knowing heathenry lol.

            As for Ma’at, yeah, no, just stick to “I don’t know what it is” instead of continually trying to say that and then claim to still be able to speak about it, being totally reductionist and wrong every time.

            Either way, the only thing that hit close to home is I’ve written better takedowns of sacral kingship than Rhyd. Other than that I’m just curious if you’ll write like 5000 words about me again if I call you a dummy in your comments section.


            • Oh wow, you wrote “a better take down of sacred kingship” than a marxist who thinks breathing is an act of fascism. Well done, that’s truly a benchmark of talent that which will strike fear into your enemies.

              And no, I’m not going to write another “5000 words” on you this time because honestly, why would I need to? I’ve already shown you to be an abusive, elitist, hypocrite who preaches one morality while practicing something completely different. No point wasting time giving importance to an idiot who is 1000% seething.


              • Derek Kristoff Stenzel said:

                I think Ma’at can taste of my unwashed, unkempt crotch-hair; I would even allow Hrafnblod to witness as he spanks his little Stalin–However, I would definitely become enraged by Hraf’s joy-weeping and may invite or ask him to kill himself…


  4. Hello! I tried to send you a heartfelt email, but it bounced, so hopefully you will see this comment. You’re the one who lead me to become Heathen nearly a decade ago, and I’d really like to get back in contact with you. My email is if you could drop me a line? Many thanks.


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