This again?

The House of Vines

Back in July, Rhyd Wildermuth and Ryan Smith brought Galina up before Heathens United Against Racism (notorious for booting out the majority of its LGBTQ members in an undemocratic coup, as detailed here) because she dared post a video critical of Muslim abuse of women and especially taharrush or the “rape game” on Facebook. (Warning: this is a pretty graphic and disturbing video, but if you watch it you’ll see why she posted it, consistent with the strong stances she’s taken against misogyny, transphobia and sexual assault in the past.)

Eager to get their condemnation out before Many Gods West, they dispensed with their normal procedure and called an emergency vote, which some members found questionable:

Rhyd Wildermuth She now writes for two hindu nationalist sites, one of which she got help from Edward Butler from. One of them was mentioned in my rebuttal to John Beckett’s piece–that same site…

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