At Labyrinth’s Heart

The House of Vines

Pierrot shudders in the closet
while Mad Tom fucks Columbina
on the filthy mattress
in the ruins on the hill
with countless rooms in it
and only one way out.
And the realization
that she’d rather
be with that man than him
makes him come.

“You’ll never get out of this,”
Dionysos whispers in his ear.
“If you keep doing that.”

The pale faced clown turns to look
at the God beside him in the dark,
and tears stream down his cheeks.
As was always the case,
he had nothing to say for himself.

“I mean, it’d be one thing if this was just your kink
– but we both know that it is not.
You’re a beast – let the Strong One out.”

“I have so much to lose,
and what will they think of me,
and the way you propose
is difficult and uncertain.”

Columbina cried then in…

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