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I would like to start this post off with a vid.

I, like many of my generation, graduated from college. In fact, I was lucky to graduate, because I got hit with the “burnout” that affects so many of my peers, and had it not been for the fact that I had only one semester to go before I got my degree, I probably would have dropped out. Not because I didn’t like the materials, I loved learning, but because of a mixture of the politics you find at schools and the fact that I came to realize that my degree was useless for getting me a job. At least not without something like eight more years, and that would be fighting up hill the differences between my views and theirs, the hope I could earn the needed titles and degrees, and then I’d still have to find a job.

It wasn’t worth it.

My story isn’t that unique. How many of my peers got their degrees in history, English, music, etc, only to find that there we’re jobs for the degrees we slaved away for and often went into crippling debts for? We were told that by going to college we would earn hundreds of thousands, even millions more, than we could if we didn’t get the degree. Now we got the degree, but it seems the college was the one that got the money, and we got the shaft. English degrees got a job at Borders, till it closed down. Music might get you into a cd shop. History gets you no where. We got the higher education, or we just got high and didn’t bother with the education. In fact, there’s really only three degrees you can go into that might pay off: Law, Business, and Medicine. Anything else, and you’re wasting your time and money.

And now we’re at a tipping point. We have an entire generation educated (or indoctrinated) with things that when they were rare were valuable, but now are all but worthless when it comes to making a living or working. Fifty years ago, having a degree in history was important. Now, we have Wikipedia and the internet. Who needs to ask a man of learning when you can ask Google? English degree, sure that was useful when spelling and grammar really counted, and you needed people who knew how to write to fill the papers and the publishers. Now? We have Blogger, and WordPress, and Fanfiction.net, where anyone can publish their work and it doesn’t need to be edited.

But the things we do need? We don’t have those jobs anymore. Manufacturing jobs? That’s big news in the presidential campaign, but how many workers would you get? My generation doesn’t know how to do jobs like that, and most would be unwilling to learn because our parents, our entertainment industry, our teachers, and our schools told us that only idiots and the uneducated did work like that, and you want to be smart and well educated, don’t you? Now, we’re filled with a pride we didn’t earn, with skills we can’t use, and our Parents (Most of whom are part of the Boomers Generation) sold out all the jobs while they sold us a bill of goods and promises, while settling us with the debts of their social programs and ideologies.

And that’s not counting the fact that the Unions our parents built have made it so expensive to manufacture things, that even if we wanted to bring them back and had the will to do the work, we couldn’t get the companies to give up on China and Asia’s cheap labor for our over priced work. Yes, the unions did good, got us benefits and reasonable working hours and the like, but they got too greedy and killed a lot of work.

Now, we’re going to be a generation who doesn’t know how to fix our own cars, or our houses, assuming we ever get to have them rather than living with our parents. Then again we will when our parents die, but with the state of modern medicine who knows when that would be. Assuming we have any money left over from taking care of them with our non-existent jobs.

Part II Tomorrow.