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Yesterday I made a little rant about Tebow doing his thing and people whining about it. After giving it a bit of thought having written it, and having read a few more things, I’ve begun to wonder if there isn’t a deeper reason for the hate on for Tebowing.

I think it’s because it makes it real.

Let me explain. I’ve always been kind of a spiritual person. But there’s a big difference from my experiences with the spiritual as a Heathen/Pagan and as a Monotheist when I was being raised. It’s more personal.

I live in the bible belt. There’s pretty much a church on every corner, and there’s lots of Christians. And the impression I get about their god is that he’s big, powerful, everywhere, and…that’s it. He’s everywhere, controls everything, but beyond that…

For me, for some other Pagans, it’s different. For most people, even Chrisitans, they see a thunderstorm and it’s just that. Maybe it’s their god’s power in the storm, but that’s where it ends. For me, I see a thunderstorm and I know it is Thor himself. I feel it, as personal and real as I do a friend in the same room.

And it’s not just storms. I pass a library, or go in, and I feel the Gods and Goddess of wisdom and knowledge in there, and I always wonder if on the next isle I will find an old man with one eye, or a proud Greek woman, or someone else. I see the crops grow and I know Freyr has been there. I see a beautiful woman, long of line and svelte of curve and I know that Freyja has touched her growth, and that it might even be Freyja herself. That the woman hustling her children in the store needs the touch of Frigga, or that she has been touched already with home and family. When the snow blows, Skadi is out there hunting. When a raven lands near by, that it could be Hunin and Munin watching the world for the All Father. That the woman in the graveyard might be Hel, looking to her charges and seeking lost souls.

I look around me, and the Gods are Real.

And I think that’s what Tebow is doing. He is making his god real. He sees his god in every touchdown, every success. And I wonder if some of the reason people aren’t happy with Tebow is because he sees his god in such a personal way, while so many can’t.

It would also explain why so many Pagans get on their fellows about being “crazy” or “weird” for seeing the gods and spirits like I do. There’s a push I often see for it to not be “real” even if you “believe” in it. But at the same time, people want it to be real (even though they fear it, for how terrifying is it to know that there is a God in that storm hurling lightning and thunder as a weapon!).

The world is a much different place when things are real.

Also, I think my car has gremlins…