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What is the “Woo?” Woo is a derogatory for the spiritual and magical aspects that many people believe in, used often by those who do not believe in those things. “Woo” is anything that is not “Scientific” or at least “scientific enough.”

My issue with that term is pretty much just that. The magic is real, the spirits are real. It’s all real. Why pagans use the term “woo” to describe some of our practices, I have no idea. This isn’t like the Heathen and Pagan thing. We aren’t making this term our own. In fact, I’ve seen several Pagans denigrate other Pagans for using “woo” stuff.

Funny, I thought our religious Paths were all based around and on the existence of this reality that is being mocked with the term “woo.” Now, maybe those Soft Polytheists aren’t, since they think all goddesses are aspects one goddess, and all gods are just aspects of one god (though really, that’s just one step away from going with a deity for whom male and female are just aspects of one deity, and that’s right back to monotheism). But for Hard Polytheists like me, who believes the Gods and Goddesses are not aspects, but Individuals. They are real, and everything that comes with it is as real as the wind in my face or the earth beneath my feet.

Or at least, the earth beneath the concrete, carpet, and crappy insulation beneath my feet.

So it’s time to stop with the “woo” business. Our believes are Valid and Real, as real as the Scientist’s workings or the Christian’s God. My fellows, stop denigrating those who practice the very real elements of our faiths, who have the talents and the gifts and the curses needed to do for us the things that need to be done.