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This was inspired by running into someone online who posted that they weren’t feeling Witchy enough.

Well, they say it takes about three weeks to build a habit, so here’s what you do.

Go out and buy a Halloween witch hat. (One can also use a wizards hat, robes, necklace, helmet. or whatever you want that symbolizes what you are. Heck, a Harry Potter house scarf works too, go Slytherin!). No, it doesn’t mean anything, but we associate the hat with witchiness. Wear it. Especially while you do your witchy stuff.

Get a calender, preferably a weekly one, that flips open and you have room to write in. I have a Sports Illustrated swimsuit weekly calender (each week has it’s own picture on one side, and the days on the other). Go to something like the Pagan Calender, or anything like it, and write down every holyday you want to celebrate, that belongs to your path, or that you’re just curious about.

Now, take your calender and pick out three days a week when you have time. On each of those days, write down 1 (one) thing you wish to do. I don’t care if it’s meditate, talk to your deities, make potions, grow herbs, research a term or holy-day you found, or whatever. Write them down.

This is the most important thing, Stick With What You Write Down.

Now, this may not give you any instant gratification. But what it will do is give you something physical to start with. Once you build the habit, you won’t have to think about it so much. Try and get it to where you do something every day, and even do specific things every day. But do not do more than one thing each day, at least for about a year, so you don’t run out and don’t burn out. Once you can do those without having to focus on the task, then you can begin to focus beyond the task to the things beyond it.

Right now I’ve gotten through writing down the holidays. Still working on setting aside days myself, but I try to work on my blog every few days, and I try to do rune readings on Fridays. Hopefully soon I will be able to set up an alter, and start on praying/meditating more often, at least a couple days each week.