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So, just a quick post for today. I posted the other day about the Altar I bought at Goodwill for ten bucks. Well, It needed a bit of touch up on the paint, where some of the…whatever its called (lacquer, finish, “wood stuff” that covers the plywood?) had gotten broken, or marked up with something that wouldn’t wipe off. I know, I’m terribly lazy and probably could have cleaned the marks off, but it was spend a while trying to figure out how to do that, or ten minutes with a can of black spray paint.

So I went with spray paint, lol.

Anyways, that’s done. Hopefully I will not need to do a second coat. Because frankly, I was really lucky to be able to do this one (and damn primer fumes suck, but that’s from another project). The weather has been quite weird lately (weirder than normal, and Thor generally gets drunk off moonshine around here and goes crazy on the weather to begin with). But it was warm enough today to spray paint outside, then bring the altar (and the other project) back inside to dry. I know they say well vented area, but my well vented area (outside) is well, outside. And I do not wish to tempt thieves. No, I don’t have a problem with them, but there is no need to tempt them.

Even if I do have like five spells with which to track them down with now.

Anyways, no pic of the paint job. Mainly because with my crappy camera you can’t tell anything different at this point. But there will be pics later, as I get it moved into position (soon hopefully) and get it more put together with the other parts I want to add to it.