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Okay, I figured I’d put this up as just a quick thing. I haven’t really said this before because, frankly while I tend to see things that people miss (or don’t want to see) sometimes it comes at the cost of not seeing what people normally see.

I have literally spent ten minutes looking for something on a shelf that was right in front of my face. Multiple times. It gets annoying.

Back to the topic though. I want to state it here and now that I see a difference between people and the ideas they believe in. I want to make it clear that when I attack an idea, or a flaw in an idea, that I am not trying to attack those who believe in that idea. I went through academia, and learned the whole “question everything” thing pretty well. Okay, to be honest, I learned it years before under very bad circumstances. I’ve literally put everything I ever believed in to harsh questioning. That’s why I believe as I do, because it’s what has stood up to the hundreds of thousands of questions I’ve asked.

But that doesn’t mean my way is any better than what anyone else has.

So when I attack Christianity, I want it clear I am not trying to attack Christian people. I don’t even really have a problem being Christians. I’d like it if they were Heathens or Pagans who followed the ways of their ancestors and had never had those ways stolen from them. But it is not the People I have issue with. Just their Ideology and the actions brought forth by it.

Same goes for Muslims. It is Islam that I take great issue with. But I have nothing against the people themselves. Just the actions they take because of their religion. I mean, the Middle East had some amazing Pagan Civilizations. Things worthy of honor and remembrance.

Judaism too. I don’t have issues with the Jewish people. Hell, I admire the Israelis a lot. They have balls of titanium that drag the ground when they walk. When your a tiny state like theirs, surrounded people that out number you in the billions and all want you dead, and you stand up for yourself then I don’t care what God you follow. I raise my fist in respect. I have just have issues with their religion is all.

As for Atheism, again, I have issues with an Ideology that claims its methods are superior to everyone else and whose followers go around like their crap don’t smell simply because they have “reason and logic.” Honestly, I got reason and logic myself, in spades. But that stuff lead me to my magic and my Heathenism. I don’t have an issue with the people. There’s some nice people who are atheists, and I ain’t got beef with them because they don’t pray to my Gods or even think my Gods don’t exist.

See, I believe in what I believe. But for whatever reason, probably because I have questioned it so much, I can take people not believing as I do. I kinda wish more people could separate their beliefs from themselves and not get so uptight about it. Questions really aren’t going to hurt anything in the long run, and frankly if we dealt with some of the problems we’d all get along better. So I hope the people who read this, and who visit my site understand:

I’m not out to get you when I start “Bashing” stuff. I’m just out to poke ideas where I see problems. Nothing personal.