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So, today is Valentine’s Day, or St. Valentine’s day, depending on who you ask. Some Asatru call it the Feast of Vali, in order to honor Vali, son of Odin and Rind. I honestly don’t know anything about Vali. The only thing I found about any Vali was that he was the son of Loki. So some confusion there, I think.

Personally, I think this is a perfect day to celebrate Freyja and Freyr, the Vanir twins of fertility. Some say our heart symbol is based off the look of the buttocks, or a woman’s sex (I always thought it was based of the image of the Chalice, or Cup, since that’s what it replaced in our playing cards. But I suppose it well could be both sources). This would certainly make it the symbol of Freyja. Freyr is known for having a giant boner.

Is it bad that this is one of the few I've found of her with clothes on? Not for us Heathens.

Still working on getting a good picture of Freyr. I have one, but the site was being fussy about putting it up.

Still, for most of my life, Valentines day has been more of Singles Awareness Day. Which is really about as fun as it sounds. Thankfully, this year is a bit different. I’m still somewhat tormented by the day though, because for various reasons I can no longer eat chocolate (you never realize how much you like something till you can’t have it anymore) and there is NOTHING BUT CHOCOLATE AROUND!!

Okay, calming down. Honestly though, I see a bunch of people raging up over this holiday, which kinda confuses me. Not the lovey dovey stuff, that I get. It’s the people who get really bent out of shape about it. I mean, there’s fights out there about should men treat their women special this day or not. And some of the worst fighting is between the women, not the men!

It boggles the mind. It’s a day where you get presents and nice food, just for loving a guy. Who the heck wouldn’t want to be treated special.

Personally, I like the Japanese version of V-Day. Women give guys chocolate that they make at home. Then on White day, which is just a short while later, guys who got gifts from girls, give gifts to those girls in turn. Personally, I think it works well. Guys get to see who likes them (which really saves a lot of stress and they actually get something) and women get to take a more active role.

Of course, there are some who want to take something nice, loving, and pretty, and turn it hateful, ugly, and bad. Ironically, it is called V-Day, and it’s an actual campaign to change Valentines day, which is about love, into something about Violence Against Women. I first ran into this in college, and frankly I find it kinda sick. Turning a day of love into a day of hate (because lets face it, Men are also the victims of violence by women, but they won’t talk about that) and victimization of the other is wrong. Now, I’m all for stopping violence against women (and men) in a domestic level. But destroying a day of love and respect between the sexes is really not the way to do it.

So raise a toast to the Gods and Goddesses of love this day. Kiss ’em if you got ’em. Maybe for for more than a kiss. 😉

Happy Valentine’s day Y’all!