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Okay, so, once again I have been creative! Run in fear, my pretties, run in fear! Mwuahahahahaha!

I love being an evil sorcerer.

As you folks can see, once again I’m bringing out the altar. I have been lazy about the other projects, but I actually had money to spare and went out looking for an altar cloth. Sadly I couldn’t find the “suede” style fabric I found last time I was at the craft store, so I got some kinda slinky/silkly looking stuff. I got about two feet of it, but didn’t really pay attention to how “Wide” the fabric is. (For those not in the know, fabric comes in “widths” and then you get the “length” you need. At least as I understand it).









Yes, I have a crappy camera. I know.

So anyways, with all the extra fabric it got folded up like four times. I might nab some scissors at some point and cut it so I have multiple cloths, and thus spares and it doesn’t lay as thick on the alter. That, however, is something I am going to worry about later. Now the only big thing is to get stuff in my house cleared out of the area I want to set it up, cleans it, and then place my idols upon it and start making it into a more proper alter.