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So, I’ve been debating lately doing certain kinds of posts on certain days of the week. Largely because of the Pagan Blog Project that I’ve been a part of, and I like doing it. Initially I thought about doing something like a God of the Week, or Herb Day, or something like that, but sadly I don’t know herbs, can’t always speak to all the Gods, and while I am told I have a lot of magical power (and I’ve proven it to myself several times) I am afraid I’m not quite ready to do a weekly post about magical practices.

But there is one area where I know I am good enough to speak with power: Philosophy.

I’ve spent almost a decade working on the philosophical arts, and adding things to them from my various studies. I like to think I’m pretty good at it, conceptually, even if I can’t list the philosophers categorical. So, while I build up my magical knowledge, I’m gonna start with what I’m good at.

Thus the Vice and Virtues Project. While I’ve posted every day so far, I haven’t really talked about what it means to be a Heathen and a Sorcerer to me. I’m sure parts of it have come through, but I haven’t made a dedicated effort towards sharing my beliefs. Hence VnV, where I’m gonna look at some of the Nine Noble Virtues of Heathenism, Then look at the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Seven Heavenly Virtues, which people are a bit more familiar with through the lens of my personal Heathenism. There may well be a few other things I look at during this project as well, but those are the main things.

The Vices and Virtues Project is going hopefully going to be published every Monday. The fact that I can scheduled these things ahead of time should help with this. If for some reason they aren’t I will make a note on Monday’s post about when it will be appearing. If anyone would like to join in, just leave a link in the comments section to your blog. There is a dedicated “Category” for the Vices and Virtues Project in my categories drop down box, which should make them easier to find all at once.