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So, once again PantheaCon rolled around. Once again, Z Budapest and her Dianics held a ritual. Unlike last time though, they declared that it was for natural born women only. Once again, we start into the fight that we never even finished from last year.

Le sigh.

I’m a bit late finding out about this, since I’ve been busy and haven’t really hit into the Pagan News circles lately. So I was a bit curious as to why it seemed a bunch of people were bringing up the whole Dianics vs Transexuals thing again.

For those not in the know, at last years PantheaCon (giant pagan convention) the Dianic were scheduled to hold a ritual.  So people show up, and find out that this ritual is only for women (something that wasn’t advertised.) and the Dianics were turning away anyone who wasn’t a “natural born woman.” While this included men, boys, and a couple others, the biggest fuss about the Dianics excluding was that of Tran-sexual Women i.e. women in the bodies of men (which made me wonder if it was acceptable to discriminate against everyone else that has a male attachment).

In case you’re not getting it, Dianics have issues with anything that has a penis.

So the Dianics, and Z Budapest got a lot of hate, and pressure, and were called intolerant bigots. Personally, I wondered if those doing the shouting at them were really any different, the Dianics have issues with penii (is that right? Latin is hard) and have their path openly as a place for women who have been the victims of men. And they have a lot of hate for the male gender (and if everyone what getting onto them for the fact that they hate all men, I wouldn’t have such an issue with all this ruckus).

But the fact is that everyone is making this solely about the rights of Transsexuals. Personally, I have no issue with transsexual people. They are as free to do as they please as anyone else, and to exist as they will like anyone else. That said, I don’t see them as any more or less special than the rest of us. They’re people. Do certain people have more rights than others? The general impression is that they do not, though I will admit that practice often goes against what is preached as people go out of their way not to show special favors to one group and end up giving special favors to another.

This Dianics vs Transsexuals thing is like this. Normally, if someone was going after the Dianics, I think the Pagan community would be howling about “how dare you attack these battered women.” Yet, because it is Transsexuals at the forefront of the issue, suddenly the women of the Dianic path should offer up their path and their beliefs to be sacrificed for comfort of another. I mean, if it was a bunch of men complaining about being excluded, I suspect they’d be told to shut up and let the women have their thing. But because this is a smaller minority, boom.

Frankly, I don’t agree with the Dianics. I don’t agree with what they believe. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to believe it. I mean, I wouldn’t like it if someone started suddenly shouting that Asatruar have to completely change their path because some people find our views offensive (which, honestly, happens a lot. So I understand what the Dianics are going through to an extent).

To me, this is still an issue of rights. Do the religious rights of the Transsexuals override the rights of the Dianics? Frankly, I don’t know, but I don’t think they do. Because if they do, then the minority has the right rule the other minorities based on some sort of Caste system of “who is more persecuted.”

And I thought we were supposed to be tolerant of everyone?

I’m not picking sides here. Really, this isn’t my fight. So I like to think I’m an impartial observer. Now, the Dianics posted this years ritual was for Natural Born women. There were protests (doesn’t sound very tolerant or respectful to me) and I have to wonder if the PantheaCon people wouldn’t know this would happen. They could have just not had the Dianics have a ritual (which would have simplified things) though my suspicious mind think that maybe the Dianics were set up so that they could be “taught a lesson” as to what is “acceptable belief.”

And so we once again are in the giant shitstorm that we didn’t even finish last year. The only people benefiting from this are likely to be the PantheaCon people, because this gets their name out there constantly. It’s not helping the Transsexuals, because even if they are allowed into Dianic rituals now, they will forever be resented as a forced intrusion of beings with penii (which is really what the Dianics really had issues and hated to begin with!). It’s not helping the Dianics, because being attacked like this is only going to make them sink deeper into an “Us vs Them” mentality where they are persecuted because they are women. It certainly doesn’t help the larger Pagan community, because it sets a dangerous precedent of forcing people to change their beliefs to fit with what others believe, rather than allowing people to seek truth and belief where they will, which is one of the driving forces behind Paganism itself.