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I don’t know if anyone knows about this outside the UK.

I’m not sure I should be talking about it. However, it sickens me. This is not something that should be hidden.

I am the Svartwulf, the Predator of the Dark. It is my nature to drag these things screaming into the light.

Girl: Sex gang raped me at 15.. I got vodka and £20 hush money

Ugly One, Master, Tiger: The sex gang accused of grooming underage girls

Court told of abuse horror

Of course, the cops tried to keep a lid on this, asking the Media in the UK not to talk about it. As I understand, only 11/47 of the Plaintiffs are on trial (not sure what happened to the others.

For those who didn’t read the articles, the short version is 47 Pakistani men grabbed underage girls, lots of under aged girls, some as young as thirteen. They drugged them, got them drunk, gave them pizza and money, and used them in a sex trafficking circle. All the girls were exclusively ethnically British girls.

These is horrible, not because it’s Pakistanis on Brits (though the obvious racist implications certainly are terrible, I don’t buy into the idea that minorities can’t be racists), but because these young women should never have been subjected to this. Of course, the fact that it is clearly a act of one “race” against another, and the fact that the victims were all from a single group insights much anger. The police didn’t want this getting out because they knew what would happen.

And according to the news, it’s already started, though the trial is just underway.


Police attacked by 200 youths in Rochdale as sex-gang are trialled

(If anyone is curious as to why a “Take away” house was attacked, it was because the sex ring ran itself through takeaway houses.)

Despite the fact that the articles I posted aren’t the friendliest to the “Mobs” point of view, personally I can’t fault the Mob. Frankly, I’m surprised they weren’t more destructive, but then the Brits always have been a bit of a reserved bunch. What news stories I manage to get out of Britannia that talk about the state of affairs between the Immigrants and Natives are generally ones where the Natives are becoming angry at the violence they suffer at the hands of immigrants who face little to no real punishments (there are stories of serial rapists who can’t be exported back to their native lands because they have the right to “Family life” in the UK, for example). The fact that such large numbers are involved in this forced sex ring, based exclusively on racial lines, may well be the tipping point.

Only time will tell.