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So, today is the first of March, which means that we’re starting the third month of this blog (not counting December since I started late in that month) so far I have successfully made a post every day since the first of the year! Whoot!

Okay, I’m a little bit excited. This is kind of a landmark for me. Never successfully done this with a blog, though I will admit the scheduling function is what makes it possible.

Anyways, upholding tradition, I have done a rune reading for March. Sadly, I don’t have a picture this time, mostly because I forgot to take the pic before I started reading the runes. This time what I did was run the Runes through my fingers in the bag holding them, then drew out those that “stuck” to my hand. I tossed them upon the “Circle Grid” lay out I’ve talked about before. Inner circle is the present, middle circle is the future, outer circle is the distant future. North is Physical, East is Mental, South is Passion, and East is Emotion.

Teiwaz and Uruz fell into Inner Circle North, while Nauthiz fell in the Inner Circle South. Algiz fell into the Outer Circle East. Dagaz fell in the Far Outer Circle East and Perthro in the Far Outer Circle West. I have translated what I believe this to mean below.

The Physical Power of Leadership shall be Passionately Constrained in the Present. The future Awakening of Minds comes, followed later by the Breakthrough of Hidden Truths.

Seeing as we have both the Primary run going on this month as well as the whole mess going on in the Middle East, I do not expect any strong resolutions happening in those situations. Certainly, passions are explosive and unfocused, and this hinders the will needed to take strong steps with leadership. However, since this reading is of March itself, I would like to think that the future and far future are all included in this month. We’ll know by the end, but I think what ever happens, by the end of March we will see something important come to light.

As for this blog, it will mostly be business as usual. We will be having the first of the actual Vices and Virtues Topic Post coming out on Monday, and it will be about Strength. On the following Mondays a new Vice or Virtue will be discussed. The Introduction Post and Overview of the Nine Noble Virtues are already up, if there are any questions. I will also be continuing with the Pagan Blog Project, and this Friday’s letter is E. Hopefully, it will be a good one. And of course, there should be more updates in the Crafting section as more and more things get found and completed. All three of which have Categories in the drop-down box.

If it wasn’t for you readers, I’d just be a mad man howling in the abyss, so thank you all for reading. This little blog has been growing since it started, and that wouldn’t happen without you folks. So thank you.

May the Gods and Goddess bless us this month, and may we bless them. Hail to all kin, doom to all enemies, and may your feasting table never be empty of good food, good drink, and good friends. And beware the Ides of March!