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I know, it’s been a while since I did a Crafting post. Not because I haven’t been working on stuff, I have. Mainly because I’ve been busy with other posts and topics. Still, I finally got a chance to try and catch up on stuff, so here’s the first.

A while back I listed some of the things I was working on, one of which was a Chalice. I finally got around to touching it up and decorating it, mostly because I was painting miniatures (I play DnD and like to custom paint little pewter figures to represent my characters).

Most of what I did was touch up the black paint on the stem of the glass, since it had been rubbed off or something, and paint a Mjolnir on it. It’s a bit rough, both because I do not have a lot of skill when it comes to things like drawing and painting designs, and because my brush was turning frizzy.

Still, I’m pretty happy with it. Haven’t cleansed or consecrated it yet. I’m waiting to get more stuff together and finished. You can see a couple other things in the pic, and I’ll be talking about those in a bit, as they are currently part of the Altar Project.