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So, while I was working on painting minis and doing the Chalice, I decided to work on another project. I’ve been hitting thrift stores for things I can use in my practice and came across a couple of plates at the local GoodWill. So I took one of them and decorated it with Runes.

In the center is Jera, which means success, happiness, and cycles. Running around it clockwise are Ansuz, Ingwaz, Hagalaz, Berkana, Othala, Fehu, Thurisaz, and Teiwaz, representing six/seven of the gods, and then wisdom and home. I probably could have used better paint and a better brush, but for a rough first time attempt, I think it came out pretty well and will serve its purpose excellently.

It has yet to be “cleansed” and consecrated for use, like the chalice, mostly because I’m wanting to get all of the Alter put together, then I’ll do it all at once, possibly with a ritual of some sort. I will be sure to write about it.