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Okay, so this isn’t really something I made, it’s more something I bought, but since it’s part of my altar I’m posting it up here. And I figure after yesterday’s post, well, I could do with something less inflammatory. I’ve been going through various magic books lately, ever seeking to learn more of the craft (for various reasons, it’s not always easy for me) and a lot of them talk about the need for a ritual knife or athame. I haven’t need one yet, but better to have and not need, than need and not have.

Black and white seem to be very important colors in a lot of magic practices. I don’t know if I agree with that, but I figure it won’t hurt to go with it. Some suggest two knives, one white and one black, the first for purification, the other for defensive/aggressive magic. I’m probably cheating by having my knife be both, but if I really need two, I’ve got a lovely black knife with a scorpion on it that I tend to carry on my person as much as I can. So the knife pictured is more for ritual, rather than practical use.

It hasn’t been cleansed or enchanted yet. I’m going to do that when I do the dedication for my Altar, which as of writing this is pretty much finished coming together and is already seeing some use before being cleansed and dedicated. This may sound bad, but I’m not as good about following the rule of cleansing stuff before I use it. I got my wand and I’ve already started trying to charge it up without having cleansed it. Perhaps this is because one cleanses their magic items to remove excess and stray magical energies, while I tend to just “bull rush” and “overwhelm” with my own energy (or like to think I do). Still, a cleansing will happen, and we’ll see how it affect things.

Keep the Faith.