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No, this isn’t me talking about the book American gods. This is more an idea that hit me, thinking about my home nation and the deities we have now or might have in the future. See, I think there might be something to the idea of Blood and Soil, and have no problem with nationalism. I talk about my ancestral Gods from Scandinavia, but I haven’t touched on my own nations Gods. Admitedly it’s because I don’t deal with them much (and maybe that should change), but there it is. Here’s a list and my thoughts on some of the Gods of America.

Probably the most well known God of America (at least the United States) is Columbia. Our very capital is called Washington, District of Columbia (more on this in a minute.) Our site of Government is literally a piece of land dedicated to the Goddess, though most people fail to realize this. It says something about our Founding Fathers and those that followed that we did such a Pagan thing.

Goddess Columbia

Another familiar face that is a deity of America would probably be Uncle Sam. A friend of mine figured he was probably our War God, and it fits since you normally see him in old WW2 posters for buying war bonds and doing your part. Honestly, I suspect you could do worse for a war god. Though he hasn’t gotten much in the way of love these last few decades. We’ll see how powerful he remains, and if we don’t end up finding a new God of War in the end.

Probably one of the most important of the Gods of America is George Washington. Few people realize it, but he was lifted up via the rites of apotheosis to be a God by the people of America after his death. There’s even a lovely image of it.

from Da Wiki

Personally, I think we could do worse for a Chief Deity for the American Pantheon. Washington is alright by me, and I wish more of our elected officials would invoke his spirit and follow in his example.

Liberty and Victoria (seen in the image above next to Washington) are Roman Goddesses, but they found eager homes in America. Sadly, I’m not an expert on the American Deities, so I’ve probably missed a few out there. Coming from the Scandinavian Pantheon, I’m not sure who is in the American Pagan Pantheon.

There is one, though, that I think should be nominated to the Pantheon. He is one who embodies the American Dream, what it means to be noble, just, courageous, powerful, and righteous without being self-righteous. He is, Captain America.

Who's strong and brave, here to save the American way?

Really, just reading the Comics, seeing the Movie, or just knowing much of anything about this guy shows he’s the epitome of the American Spirit and what it should mean to be an American. He’s not political, doesn’t take sides, just respects everyone and takes no bull from those that would tread on freedom, liberty, and justice. And the fact that he wouldn’t want to be deified means that he could be trusted with that power.

Anyways, those are my thoughts, what are yours?