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Once more we’ve made it to another month! And still I have managed to post daily, whoot! Hopefully I can keep this going. 😀

Things of note this month are of course the continuation of the Vices and Virtues Project, in which we will continue to go over the Nine Noble Virtues. As always, we will keep going through the Pagan Blog Project, which has proven to be quite educational and entertaining. Later on this month, I may be putting out yet another project (Gods I am either a spaz or a masochist to keep doing all these projects). This one I’m still hashing out, but it was inspired by a conversation I had last month, and it’s about a topic not often discussed, well, anywhere, but especially in the pagan communities that I run across. So something to look forwards to with that.

And of course, we have the Rune Casting for this month. I actually have a picture this time too!

In the fist part of the month, Physical Harmony will come with Passionate Mental Aid in Journeys. As the month progresses Physical Victory will come with Emotional Changes and Happiness. However, towards the end, Physical Oaths and Relationships will face Mental Constraints unless the Will to Overcome is summoned.

So there’s what the Runes say will come. A generally positive reading, I would say, but look out towards the end. With any luck though, we’ll all make it through okay.

That pretty much raps this up. Hail to the Gods and Goddesses! Hail to the Ancestors and to the Kin! Hail to friends, let’s make this another grand month!