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So, this got inspired by being board and Creations Jessy’s post by the same name.

1. Favorite Element: Lightning!

2. Favorite Color: Black (judging by what I wear most of the time…)

3. Favorite Season: Fall

4. Favorite Gemstone, Rock, or Mineral: Hematite right now, it seems. Looks pretty cool, does some neat stuff. Wish it wouldn’t break apart thought…

5. Favorite Herb or Plant: Cinnamon

6. Favorite Tree: Yew, I think. They look pretty cool. Birch, oak, and ash are cool too. My wand is made of Ebony, so that might work.

7. Favorite Chakra to Work With: Don’t really mess with chakra

8. Favorite Type of Divination: Runes

9. Favorite Tarot Deck: Don’t own one, yet.

10. Favorite Occult/New Age/Spiritual/Etc. Book: Hmmm, Liber Nul, maybe? It’s the one that’s been the easiest to work with, anyways.

11. Favorite Book: The Dresden Files. All of them.

12. Favorite Type of Music: Metal, generally Heathen/Viking metal. Though I find I like some of the new Country stuff.

13. Favorite Song: Hold The Heathen Hammer High. Or Stand Up and Fight.

14: Favorite Ritual Tool: Hmm, my ebony wand is pretty cool. haven’t done a ritual with it yet. Though honestly, my Nerf Mjolnir might well count.

15. Favorite God: Thor

16. Favorite Goddess: Hel and Freyja

17. Favorite Culture: Vikings and Romans!

18. Favorite Meditation Time: about 12:50 pm

19. Favorite Pagan/Heathen/Etc. Author: Steve McNallen or Steven T. Abell

20. Favorite Time of Day: Round midnight


I’d love to hear yours!