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If that's your reasoning for who you trust...you have issues.

There’s a number of reasons I’m not an Atheist. I used to be one, but I ended up stopping when I figured out realistically that the Spiritual could exist. But really, the reason a lot of people are atheists seems to be that they can’t “see” the divine “scientifically” and because “science” uniformly says that nothing it can’t prove can exist.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but I have serious issues trusting people. Especially those with Power. Mostly because people with power will do almost anything to keep that power, gain more power, and remove those that threaten their power. Not to mention, that scientists can’t even agree on what science proves half the time. Science is not uniform. In a lot of ways, it’s a lot like Christianity in the South, every five minutes there’s a new “church” popping up.

I’ve seen a couple places where Atheists are insisting Atheism isn’t a religion. Mostly because they figure religion needs a deity and faith. Personally though, I think Atheism is working a lot like a religion these days.

1) Faith. Atheists insist they don’t have faith. But when you look at how they treat reason and science as infallible despite the near constant proof that science is constantly learning how wrong it is about stuff as they get better at discovering things.

Not to mention that people take a lot of stuff on Faith when it comes to science. Have any of you seen an atom with your own eyes? We can demonstrate gravity, but no one understands it. Time? Hell, according to some science, time doesn’t actually exist. So many scientific things that we don’t understand, but just take as they work. Like medications for psychological problems. No one understand how they work. No one. Not even the people who develop them, but everyone takes it on faith that they fix things because scientists tell them it does, even if they don’t know why.

2) Dogma. Dear gods the dogma. Worse than the Catholics with the dogma they can be. Evolution? The way they rage you’d think there could never be another explanation than the current one. Big Bang Theory (which they like to forget was a Christian Idea to start with). “Intelligent Design” is IMPOSSIBLE! Because clearly it is more possible for a statistical impossibility than for there to be any other form of intelligence or intelligences out there in this vast universe that could have the power to influence how things came about. Global Warming (dear gods again!) which of course they had to rename “Climate Change” because, well oops, we didn’t boil like an egg. Here’s a hint. It’s called weather. And I find it just a little bit arrogant to say that it’s all caused by people, when there’s only 7 billion of us, and maybe a billion and a half to two billion live in countries that have enough industrialization to produce green house gasses.

Did you know that if we took all the people on earth, gave them something like an acre of land in Australia, we wouldn’t even fill up half the damn place? Someone told me that. I found it interesting.

3) Conversion. Atheists like to say they aren’t out to convert people. Right…Because telling people they’re stupid, ignorant beings who are believing in an imaginary friend and need to stop and embrace the light of reason and science over the darkness of faith and, uh, not-science. Religion, I guess. Yeah…it sounds a lot like the whole conversion thing. Keep bashing away at what people believe till they give up and believe as you do.

If it act like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc, scientifically it’s a duck. The Lab is their church, the scientist their priest, and the layman screaming about reason and science is their fanatic or their believer.