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Alright, I still feel like crap from the eye infection, but I felt like musing a bit. So forgive me if some of this doesn’t really make sense. I’m still kind of out of it.

Also, I’m going to state here and now that I’m not affiliated with any heathen organizations and I’m not speaking for them when I say what I say below. Every heathen has their own views on this subject. I speak only for myself in this moment.

So the President has come out that he is pro-Gay Marriage. Not that big a surprise, I guess. He’s kinda let the Gay community down. A lot, from what I understand. Personally, I wonder where this support was when he had a lot of power going for him and could have done almost anything with it (instead he burned it all on his Universal Healthcare, which I think is about to crash and burn). Now that he’s coming in for a reelection, against Romney (who probably doesn’t have a chance) and Ron Paul (who polls show if given the nomination would crush Obama) suddenly he discovers he wants Gays to Marry!

I hate politics.

Anyways, addressing Gay marriage itself. I used to be against Gay marriage. Of course, I used to be against a lot of things, and for a lot of things, and I’ve changed my views on a lot of things.

And if anyone makes one of those stupid comments about how it’s good I’ve gotten enlightened, I’m going to kick your ass.

Personally, I don’t know why anyone would want to get married. Then again, I’m biased from my parent’s decade long divorce and fall out. But I think people have this fantasy idea of what marriage is that has nothing to do with reality, and have built it up into some glorious and wonderful thing that is no where close to the truth.

A 50% failure rate kinda proves my point. And I’m not going to get into the mess that is the legal system, which tends to favor women over men in this “age of equality.” So really, it’s a fucked up mess.

Now, everyone likes to tell me there’s benefits to being married. You get to be on each others health insurance, or make legal/medical choices, see family in the hospital, stuff like that. Which is all well and good. But I think if we tried, we could probably make those things happen without marriage, we just see marriage as the easiest way of doing these things.

And Gay people wanna have the various benefits of marriage. And I think they want to have this wonderful thing we’ve made marriage out to be. They’ve bought the illusion (Hel, Goddess of Death, I think they bloody well helped to make the illusion of what marriage is!). And I think that should they get it, they will quickly find out that marriage isn’t what they thought it is.

I’m really going to laugh if a few years after they get the right to marry, if Gays don’t have just as high a divorce rate as straight people. And who knows how many relationships will crash as soon as they get the right. There was a comedian I saw years ago who was talking about it and mentioned that there has to be a hell of a lot of gay people who don’t want to get married tell their partner “I’d love to get married to you, but we can’t cause it’s the law” to keep the relationship happy. Soon as gays can marry, well, there goes that excuse. Then you get hit with “you’re just afraid of commitment” and all the other bullying tactics us straight people face when it comes to getting married.

Of course, there’s that whole slippery slope argument. If marriage is between a man and a woman, and that’s it, it’s all free and clear. Hard line in stone. But you let gay people marry, well, you’ve opened up the door. If you’ll let straight people marry, and gay people marry, why not poly-amorous people? I actually wrote an essay on that subject (polygamy) and was fascinated to learn that (at least years ago) Gay people didn’t want polygamy to be legalized. I don’t know if this is still the case, but I found it interesting that they would want the right to marry for themselves, but balked at giving it to others. And it wasn’t just one guy/lots of women polygamy. It was all kinds, one woman/many men, many women/many men. This, despite the fact that polygamy is pretty much the same thing to the Bi-Sexual community as normal two person marriage is to the gay community. Maybe it has something to do with that trope about there being no bi-sexuals?

And if we open marriage up to Gays (which I’m cool with) and Polygamy (which I like), because we can’t say that marriage is only between two people if we can’t say that marriage is only between a man and woman, what happens next? Well, after that, the line can pretty much be moved anywhere.

I was watching a Law and Order SVU marathon, and there was one episode where a pedophile was arguing that adult/child love was normal and healthy. And while I’m not sure what the point SVU was really trying to make was, they had him talking about how yes, pedophilia is listed as a psychological disorder (and crime) that homosexuality was also listed the same way just a few years ago. Which is true. And many homosexuals like to point out that homosexuality was considered normal all the way back to Ancient Greece. Which is true. Of course, the same was true of pedophilia. And it does make me wonder sometimes, with an academic curiosity; How long before our society is made to accept pedophilia as normal too?

Look, I know a lot of states are throwing down ban on Gay marriage. Which, frankly is their right and people got a right to live as they want. That goes for gay people and straight people and those people who don’t think gays should get to marry. One groups rights don’t override another, or shouldn’t at least. But I do think there’s a fair chance we’re gonna get gay marriage, since we’ve already got it someplace. If the government is smart…oh, wait. Welll crap. Well, if the government were smart, it would but out of it and let states pick which they have. But one way or the other I suspect the government is going to try and legalize it. At some point. The fact that Obama is standing for it and probably alienating the entire Hispanic community and a large part of the Black community, and praying that as much as they are anti-gay, they’re more anti-republican (which if this keeps up, I’m not sure will stay that way).