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I am, at heart, an Alchemist. It is given unto my nature to both destroy and to create. Generally, I try to do these in equal measure (my creation is often destructive, of illusions and ideas here on this blog, often enough).

But sometimes, I just wanna make something pretty.

Sadly, I can’t draw for crap (well, I can draw landscapes, but I can’t draw pretty girls, which really, is about the only thing I feel like drawing). It’s one of the reasons I took up writing, because with words I can come close to painting the beauties things I can sometimes see in my mind. As well as the horrific ones, for that matter. Though I have a spectacular failure rate for finishing anything when it comes to writing fiction, so far.

Yet still, I wish to create. Honestly, I’d love to make a living just crafting stuff. Finding things and putting them together like i did my altar. I’ve even made costumes for anime and scifi conventions. I’d like to learn all the wood shop building stuff that my dad has the tools for at his place, and it is one of my greatest regrets from my parents divorce that I never got to learn how to do all that stuff. And if my life and job would ever co-operate, I would probably try to get him to teach me it now.

But, I have recently gotten myself a nice 14 megapilx kodak easyshare camera (used) and it came with a 4 gb mem card! It is sweet, and I’ve been messing with it since I got it. And, on a whim, I decided I was going to start a second blog to showcase my photographic adventures.

Nine Worlds Photography

It’s got at least two posts up there already. Still trying to figure out exactly how to format pictures. Higher megapxls look sweet but take a lot of memory. But that’s part of the fun. And joining me, hopefully, will be my lover who has her own camera and has been taking pics. πŸ™‚

Yes, I know I’m probably obsessed with my religion to name my blog like that, but I really don’t care. πŸ˜›

And here’s an exclusive image for all you Heathen’s Path readers: