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So….was looking for something to write about and came across this blog with this pic:

This thing really caught my eye because of the Alchemy thing, but this is something I’ve given thought to. The fact that the article this pic was posted in was called “Why Does the Wealth go to Those Who do not Work For It?” didn’t hurt in capturing my thoughts.

Now, I thought about ignoring the title of the article, but I think I will actually start there. The idea that wealth goes to those who don’t work for it is a rather funny idea. It’s a common idea, to be sure. It’s also, kinda wrong. Pretty much all those who are incredibly wealthy did, in fact, work for their wealth. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are two great examples from our Modern era. Both are/were incredibly wealthy. Both worked hard, especially at the start. While it may not look like those who are in the skies of wealth work as much now, they still do work. The fact that said work often looks very different than the kinds of work most of us are use to doesn’t mean it isn’t work. Sometimes, it’s even harder, because your work doesn’t just effect you, it can effect thousands, even millions of people. Most of us don’t even have to worry about our work effecting more than a dozen or so, at most.

Of course, the fundamental question of why does Wealth rise upwards. Well, really, for the same reason Power rises upwards, since wealth is a function of power.

See, Power wishes to function. Power, like the alchemical element of Fire, is energy. And like fire, it wishes to rise upwards ever higher. And power functions best when gathered into as dense an area as possible. After all, all our electric devices, for example, require power to be gathered and fed through them. Metaphysically, power works the same. In order for power to be used to the greatest effect, it must be gathered and channeled. An army with no leaders is a mob. Destructive, yes, but nothing can really be created by a mindless mob. Even destruction is limited. A mob cannot equal the systematic destruction an organized force can.

Power, is gathered and focused with the Will. Those who are at the highest reaches of power (or well) are generally those with the most “Will.” Now, some inherit their power, and they lack the “Will” needed sometimes (which is often why you see people fall from places of power). Because power wants to run rampant, that’s why you have to focus it. I think it’s those who appear to, or actually do, inherit their power and wealth that we think none of them do anything. The fact that most people are limited to viewing the world through their eyes, also, leads to this vision. If you work sixty hours a week, but see the guy over you working only forty but earning more than you, or you see the guy owning the business going on golf trips and business vacations while you slave away, of course you don’t see him as doing anything.

People tried to keep Power form gathering into others. They said everyone had a right to their “wealth” and “labor.” Of course, for a number of reasons, not only did that system fail spectacularly when it came to real world application, it fundamentally failed to do anything but do exactly what power wanted. The only real difference, is that it stripped even more power away from some people who might have had it, and give it to those getting it anyways. We call this communism.

Power is going to gather. That’s a fact. Look all over the world. Power gathered in the hands of the few. Be it Economically, Socially, Politically, Religiously, whatever. Gather any group together, of men or women, and power will center and focus on one person, or more depending on the size of the group.

Power gathers. Power rises. And it lifts some above others for reasons not always visible. That’s just its function.