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So, actually, I made them Friday, not today. But for the last two weeks I pretty much was living on an all pasta diet, which made my girls unhappy with me and they insisted I needed to actually eat foods other than Pasta…

Pastaaaaa (God Damn it Italy!)

There was a lot of Pasta…

Anyways, after going to the grocery story (paycheck finally in the bank) I loaded up on all sorts of things. And while I couldn’t avoid pizza, I at least got ingredients to make home made pizza rather than Red Barron.

That night, however, I decided to try tacos. It was my first time ever cooking meat (well, raw meat, I’m not counting the meat on a frozen pizza). And I actually managed to do it without screwing up or giving me and my dad food poisoning. Well, I didn’t get sick, and he hasn’t mentioned getting sick. So I think I’m good.

And thus do I begin to attempt to learn how to add variety to my diet. Which is good. Last night’s dinner was a baked potato with steamed carrots and sweet peas, making it perhaps the healthiest dinner I’ve had in a while.

Bon apatite!

Not Pasta!!!!