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So yeah, I know I said things would be back to normal this week, and that the Vices and Virtues thing would turn back up Monday, but you’re gonna have to wait a week on that. Mostly because the Supreme Court in the US voted that Obama’s Health Care bill was constitutional.

While I find this incredibly annoying, disappointing, and somewhat horrific, I realize that it’s become a serious game changer in the terms of daily life for millions of Americans.

1) While they did sort of find it “unconstitutional” to force people to buy things, they found it completely constitutional to “tax” people if they don’t buy something the government says you need to buy, based on the idea that “not participating raises the cost to those who do participate.”

Of course, this is a “fundamental law” of capitalism, Demand. Demand raises or lowers the price depending upon the equally needed Supply. Of course, now the government can say that “because you do not demand a product, people suffer, so we demand you go buy it.”

So it’s really half a dozen, buy six of the other.

2) You’re taxing people because they’re poor!

I mean, Holy Crap! I don’t buy health insurance because I can’t afford it. When I turn 26, I’m going to fall of my parent’s coverage and unless I have one of those elusive full time jobs that seem to have vanished off the face of the earth in the down economy with official 8-9% unemployment and unofficial closer to 16-20% unemployment, I’m not getting company based health insurance. Which means I have to get my own insurance, which is expensive. Or maybe Expensive with a capital E. Honestly I haven’t looked that much because I know I can’t afford it. And I’m “moderately” healthy. Most people my age go without health insurance because we’re young, moderately fit, and we can survive without it until we get older and have full time work with benefits, or at least that was the previous model. One of my girls has chronic health issues, and even she doesn’t get HI because she can’t afford it.

But guess what, Obama has said “if you don’t buy, you get fined, bitch!” And it’s a tax according to the SC. So guess what, you’re too poor to buy Health Insurance, you get taxed. This isn’t a “tax the rich” thing like he always goes on about. This isn’t the wealthy “paying their fair share.”  Nope, the wealthy have health insurance. They’re already “in the market.” This is poor people at the bottom of the rung, stretched so tightly we have to pinch pennies, being told “bitch, where’s my money.”

Don’t tell me you don’t have it. Is a Pimp Named Obama gonna have to smack a ho?

Yeah. That’s the sum of it. So here’s to you, Obama. You’re taxing the little guy and punishing him for being poor. Permit me to salute you.