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Hey folks, happy fourth of July and Independence day! Today marks the day Will Smith led humanity against an alien invasion and saved us all by using the dude from Jurassic Park to upload a virus and nuke all the bad guys!

I think there was something about a fat lady singing or something too.

Okay, well…maybe that’s not true, though I wonder if there aren’t people out there who think that’s why we have the Fourth. But no, we have the 4th because a lot of smart men got together and decided that “we’ve had enough of people ruling us without us getting a say in things” and put their money where there mouth was and told one of the most powerful men in the world at the time to Fuck Off.

F*** YEAH!!

may or may not have had zombies.

Today also marks the re-founding of Asatru by Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson, Steve McNallen, and so many others. They, while perhaps not as epically as our American Founding fathers, they too struck for religious freedom and we remember them this day.