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So, I’m a bit of a comic book fan (as if people couldn’t guess by now). And so today I picked up the latest arch in the new Journey Into Mystery series by Marvel. Haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard good and funny things about it. It seems to be mostly about Loki, now reborn as a kid with no memories of his past life or deeds (though everyone else remembers them). So more fun in Asgard (or Asgardia, apparently it’s being ruled by some of the Goddesses now).

And the book I got started off with this: “My name is Laufeyson, Loki Laufeyson. I’ll have a milk, shaken, not stirred.”

Something tells me that as much as I have issue with the God Loki, I am going to enjoy Kid-Loki fairly well. XD

And thanks to the local comic shop, I should be able to keep up with it, the new Thor run, and World’s Finest: Powergirl and Huntress. Not to mention they have a bunch of boxes of back issues, so I should have stuff to keep me going (and broke).

We’ll see if I get into the new 52 Wonder Woman yet.