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So, raining for the second day in the row. At least, second day of bad thunder storms in a row. I’m sure Thor has a good reason, but it leaves us cooped up inside, which has the usual side effects.
I’m sure there’s fun to be had outside, but I don’t know what. And it looks like the storm lasts all day today. I’m just happy I’m not working, considering the mess the storm unleashed when it knocked out people’s wifi. Yeah, 2 hours on hold, waiting for them to call back, or on the phone, and no solutions when I got through. Apparently we weren’t the only ones to get knocked out.

And, apparently, I have to apologize to the crazy guest I sometimes talk about. Not that I did anything (other than grunt as I heaved a bag of laundry that apparently didn’t even belong to her and toss it up the stairs so I wouldn’t have to drag it). My coworker had to apologize because he called her a stalker to her face, after she told him that she’d been looking in people’s car window at night to see if they had a handicap sticker, because they were parking in the spot she wanted. Yeah. I’m pretty sure that counts as being a stalker, but it seems telling the truth is something you have to say sorry for.