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So, this is something I’ve been thinking about in the last week or so. Drew Jacob over at Heroic Path and I have been talking about our paths and where they come together and where they are separate. One of the things in the Path of Power is that power shifts. Power goes from one person to another, or one group to another. Drew pointed out that he didn’t think that automatically meant that the increased power of one group automatically meant the oppression of another.

Initially, I agreed with him. And I don’t think that the empowering of one group automatically means the oppression of another group. But I do think…that it often does.

Take for instance, the whole Chick-fil-a thing. I posted about this the other day. So I’m not going to get into it as much as I did then. However it has lead to some thinking.

As a Heathen (specifically an Asatruar) I recognize that only through freedom am I empowered to practice my religion. This has caused a shift in power from a Christian supremacy on belief to an empowerment of multiplicity of belief, at least here in the West. However, on a face up level of this, my empowerment has led to the oppression of Christians who believe that theirs is the only god in existence. They no longer have the undeniable power to enforce their belief.

In the same way, the empowerment of Homosexuals has led to a similar oppression of Christians who believe that Homosexuality is a sin. They can no longer enforce their belief on the matter. Hel, the fact is, they are quickly reaching the point where they can no longer have their belief on the matter even in private or public. If the Chick-Fil-A thing has shown me anything, it’s that while we supposedly have “freedom of belief” in reality we are quickly headed to the point where we simply have “freedom of beliefs that society/state finds acceptable.”

Take for example, this video:


Now, I’ve had a couple goes at street preachers. I’ve had my fun with them, mostly by getting up right next to them and preaching and debating with them. Not, however, by insulting and demeaning them. Personally, I consider what those people were doing in the video to be rather pathetic. Protesting a corporation is one thing. Going in and making out all over the place is another. Ganging up on a homeless man and drawing chalk insults and harassing him in a manner worthy of trolls is something else. Taking pride in one’s victory with honor is a good thing. Acting like a spoiled brat and proclaiming that people who don’t believe as you do are secretly just like you but ashamed to admit it is bad.

Especially since you’re basically calling them gay, and using it as an insult. You’re really only insulting yourselves. And considering all those adds about not calling people Gay as an insult…

I think I’m getting side tracked.

But that’s the thought. In expanding the freedoms of some, we are in fact oppressing the freedoms of others. I do believe there’s a way to increase the power of others, and their freedom, with out oppressing others. Just not sure we’re doing that now, especially in the whole “Gay vs Christian” thing as it’s being acted upon now.