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So today, on a whim, I did something I’ve been planning for a while.

I made purely faith based holy water.

Now, I’ve made holy water before. Twice, actually. The first time I believe I posted about and it was typical magic holy water made of collected rain water (for Thor) and set out under the light of the full moon. The second time was just recently and is halfway made, with a base of purified water (from a brita filter) and set out under the full moon. Soon I will bless it with a religious blessing.

But this time I took more purified (brita) water and put it in a tiny smirnoff vodka bottle that I’d used the booze from as offerings for a while (till it ran out). This time I lit some incense dedicated to Hel, Goddess of Death and extinguished it in the water. This is because I heard the Buddhist made their holy water that way and I liked the idea. Not to mention making a flame die in dedication to the Goddess of Death seemed…right. As I did it I said this blessing:

Blessings of Hell upon this water.
Consecrate it and make it Holy,
Hail to Hel! Hail to the Goddess of Death! Hail, Keeper of souls!

So far, I think it worked, though we won’t know until tested in an instance where holy water is needed, and R can’t detect faith energy.

And I found this really cool pic of Hel, so I’m sharing it today. πŸ˜€


Bit NSFW, and not bi-colored, they went with the ‘half rotten” look, but I still thought she looked sweet πŸ™‚

You’re thoughts?