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Coming to work and finding surprises is rarely, if ever, a good thing. At least at my job. I’m sure there’s jobs our there where surprises are awesome.

So when I got to work today and found a surprise, I wasn’t thrilled. See, they’d kinda told us we were getting new carpets at some point. I didn’t realize it was this weekend.

And I really, really didn’t know what it was they were putting in.

See, the old carpet we had was green. Bit worn, older, but green, and not an ugly shade of green. A rather nice shade of green. And I figured, when we got the new carpet it would be green. Seeing as the company’s color is mainly green.

It seems, however, I forgot about the company’s additional color. Brown.

And guess what our new carpet is. Brown. Like three or four shades of brown. In stripes. It looks like someone took a tiger skin and dunked it in sh*t. Seriously, the colors and patterns are from the seventies.

It really should have stayed there.

It makes me wonder what else is coming.