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So, we all know those parents who live through their kids. Their kids have to be the best, work hard, do all these projects, etc. We call it vicarious parenting.

I have another theory. Those parents are basically playing an mmorpg. Think about it.

They generally have the kid that has to be “on the top.” They level grind that kid for all its worth. Has to be the best. Advanced placement, top of the class, so smart, so pretty, etc. That’s what most mmorpg players call their “Main” or “Main Character.” It’s usually the oldest child, and why you see them get hit the hardest with the whole “work hard, make us proud.”

Then, if said parent pays any attention to the other kids, you’ve got the “twink.” Twinks are lower level characters who you give all the cool awesome shit to “max them out” and have fun with, but don’t “grind” them like they do their “mains.”

And of course, there’s the “bank” characters. In kids, this tends to be the one who is trained to want their parents attention, generally ignored, but counted on to be the one to take care of their parents in their old age.