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So, it’s been a while since I trolled through the “politics” tag here on wordpress. I’m bored, barely awake, and need something to write about for today. And I need to do it before running out.

And then I find this, here:

Now, normally I’d just drop my comment off in their comments, but they’d shut them off. Which, really, isn’t surprising. They probably wanted to insult, preach, and walk away and never have to deal with the views of anyone else.

First thing that popped in my head when I saw this? “Democrats can’t understand symbols, is this the sign of no intellect?”

Moving around found more people going on about it, and how Clint’s speech was awkward. Which, okay, I watched it, and it is. Then again, he’s how old now? The Wiki says 82. Did you ever meet an 80 year old who spoke as smoothly as a politician? Most people seem to forget that Clint works in movies. They can edit out the awkward stuff. Of course, having a set script helps.

Personally, I though it was funny. The empty chair has Obama in it. Apparently detractors don’t have enough imagination to picture that. I feel sorry for them. It gets kinda funny. And Clint had some fair points. 23 million unemployed. We’re still not out of Afghanistan. The fact that Lawyers make terrible presidents. That politicians and the President don’t own the country. It’s the people. And Clint isn’t a Republican. He’s kind of a mixed bag, and I like that.

Here’s the vid:

So that’s that. An old man waxes philosophical and artistic with an empty chair.

Meanwhile, this is what Obama and his party are up to for their convention. Clearly, small egos are not a problem here…

Mr. President, why is there a giant sandcastle of you looking like it’s Mount Rushmore?