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In Memorium

On this day, eleven years ago, men who believed that theirs was the only True religion captured planes and flew them into buildings. These men were Muslims. Their religion, Islam. Their reason, they believed America to be the most powerful, sinful nation on earth.
They believe this because we allow people to believe what they want. To act, how they wish. To be Gay, Pagan, Atheists, or what have you. We allow them to not only exist. We allow them to be free and thrive.

There are thousands, no, millions, that still believe we are evil because of this. We’ve fought two wars over ten years, and the only thing we’ve accomplished is spend a lot of money, a record number of low casualties, and handicapped our forces so they’re killed by friendlies as much as enemies. We haven’t rebuilt anything. We haven’t solved anything. The Middle East burns with the fires of Islam.

The ghosts of the fallen do not yet know peace. Bin Ladin is dead. But he was just a man. He was not the idea. The idea endures.

The dead are honored. But I am not so sure the dead rest easy.