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So, yesterday I mentioned that we’ve mostly forgotten our fairy tales and legends. Heck, on a personal note, I really don’t know the fairy tales and legends of my ancestors. And I’m a frigg’n Asaturar! (Though if I can every find a book of Scandinavian fairy tales, I’m gonna be all over it). I’ve managed to wiki things like tomte, woodwomen, and other stuff like that.

But it’s not the same as learning it in a story. See, we learn and remember things better when we learn them through stories. Schools like to do dry wrote material, but memory is often tied to emotions. Stories awaken our emotions and so we remember better. Stories kept us entertained when we’re bored. But people were efficient, and taught truths and survival advice with their stories.

The supernatural might have been sleeping for the last thousand odd years. Its waking up though. In the dark corners, in the shadows. The reasons why this is happening aren’t as important as that it is. Yet we, as a people, no longer know the ways to deal with the supernatural.

And then what do you do when the hot chick you picked up in the bar is something…inhuman? Or deal with the tiny things that move into your apartment building? The things that aren’t visable…but still there. What will you call them, if you do not know their name? How will you work with them, when a slight misstep can end you up in a world of hurt?