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There are certain rules in the world. One of them is that an armed attack upon the soil and people not your own is an act of war. For instance, Ecuador has pretty much told the Brits that if they enter their embassy to get back that Wiki-leaks dude, they will consider it an act of war.

It says something about our nation that Ecuador manages to be more bad ass and tough than America does when we aren’t just threatened with it, but it actually happens.

Apparently, on 9/11 this year, Muslims did riot and attack embassies and consuls of America in Egypt, Libya, Germany, and several other countries. It is, however, in Libya that the worst did happen. It seems, our Marines meant to guard the embassy were not given any bullets in their guns. The walls were breached, the location taken. Our ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was sexually assaulted, sodomized, shot, and set on fire. Pictures of this happening have been shown to the world at large. Some four other people, including one of the Marines, died as well.

This is, by Law, an act of war. Embassies are considered legal US soil. Ambassadors are given special status. To kill one is almost on the same level as killing a member of the Cabinet, if not the President himself. It would be like killing a Duke and/or Messenger in the old world. By Law, retributions must be made.

But the Law has been ignored.

Instead, our President. The Executor of the Law, has bent over and apologized to the Muslims who rioted. His official statement condemns the senseless violence. It speaks nothing or retribution or the evils done to those killed. One could be left to think that they had merely died as violently as if in their sleep.

Far worse is the response from those in our government stationed in Cairo:

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims. … We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.” [Note: the linked press release has since been pulled – ed.]

Because a bunch of Muslims were supposedly “insulted” by a movie made by an Egyptian currently living in the US. Of course, a seemingly random mob of angry people seems to have had rocket propelled grenades.

This movie is called something like “The Innocence of Muslims.” Of course, I’m not entirely sure I can find this film. I found some low grade movie by that name on YouTube. If that is the movie, well, it’s a low budget thing made by an Egyptian (possibly a Coptic Christian) revealing some of the pressure from his horrible treatment at the hands of Muslims.

But it is not an excuse for what has happened. Nor is it an acceptable reason to dodge what we should be doing now.

Which is answering the invocation of war. WE aided the Islamists in taking over. Now they have repaid our aid with rape and murder. The President, if he were to be truly worthy of the title, would strike back with terrible retribution against those that rose up and attack our nation all over the world. Because without retribution, they will learn that they can get away with it. And they will do it bigger, badder, and in more places.

To kneel is to show you are willing to take the yoke.

It is time we stood up, lest we fail in our duties to the dead. For the dead do not forgive the living their failures. They will linger and and bring ill. I call upon the President, before Gods and Men, to see that justice and retribution is done. For the failure to do so will fall upon his head. And when ill falls upon the ruler, it is the people he is supposed to serve and protect that suffer greatest.

I give praise to the Gods and Goddesses of War, that their altars might be filled with the offerings of our people giving them the bodies and blood of our enemies. Hail!