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Hey folks, its me! I know, what with all the reblogging going on, I suspect people aren’t wondering what is going on in my life. I know, no one cares. I’m just here to vent. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyways, to update, as of tomorrow, Candle and Cauldron will have been open 1 week! Whoohooo! We’ve already got an artisan (musician) renting a table from us. So that’s cool. We’re hoping to get more soon.

That’s the good news.

There’s also…what I suppose could be called bad news.

Longtime readers will no doubt remember I have…issues with my mother. Hardcore issues. That made me run from home with the help of a few friends I had at the time and not talk to her for like a year and a half. Recently, and I can’t remember if I mentioned this, I finally contacted my mother again. With the shop opening and losing my job, I needed as much money as I could get. Since she owes me at least $3000, give or take, I figured it was money I needed to collect so I could cover things. And while at it, collect the remainder of my possessions I’d been forced to leave behind because she’d buried them somewhere under her stuff.

The response was…mixed. I had to track her down at her job a couple times. Texts were unreliable at times. I called upon her to turn over that which was owed. She said she’d have to review and see what was in fact owed by whom and to who. This has lasted for weeks. Till, upon the last Day of Thor, faced with being penniless in the face of needing gas and to cover a bank account that I’d spent the last of my money on to bring to balance, but which the bank charged regardless of having told me it would be good, so I called upon her to merely give me $60, which would cover everything, and hopefully, give me gas money.

I barely made the meeting time she set, thanks to traffic. When I arrived, with but 45 minutes in which to get to the bank to avoid another $30 dollars added on to the $30 they were going to charge me, and thus taking all the money I asked for, I asked if she had it. She said to sit down. I told her I didn’t have time, that it was an emergency, and that I could return after.

She refused. She called me a lair, because I had a second job that I “hadn’t told her about” (turns out this was the rune reading gig, a thing I’ve had to put on hold for now, and which was never making me money anyways. She knew about this job since I had it when I lived with her). She didn’t like my attitude. So she wasn’t going to hand it over.

This is the same woman who would always hand over money to my sister, who pulled the same moving style that I did when she left. My sister’s attitude was even worse than mine, but my mother always handed over money, helped her out, and so forth.

To add insult to the injury, I was told that if I didn’t shape up my attitude, my stuff that had been left with her was going to the dump. Among these items is a collection of legos that probably is worth several hundred dollars. I’ve been wanting to get them back for near on a decade now, since I had to leave them behind when we moved out before the divorce, and which she’s stuffed away in storage no matter how often I’ve asked for them over the years. It may seem childish to want them, but they were my favorite play things as a kid, and I have the dream that someday when I have kids, I can add my collection to theirs, keep it growing, and play legos with my kids. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid.

And if you know anything about me, I’m pretty attached to my possessions. Destroy them, and well….we’re going to have a problem. I sink my power into them, and gain strength from them.

Finishing it off, she brought me some of my stuff. All the junk. Nothing I’d asked for. And when I say junk, I mean junk. Most of it was stuff that I’m just puting in a trash can. Some cheap ass toys going to good will. There were three Lego things in there: Empty boxes. That’s right. The empty boxes. Not the giant collection. And when I couldn’t put everything in my car, she sweetly said she’d hang on to it for me, like she was doing me the greatest favor in the world.

And I got an answer as to the amount of money she “owes me.”

Turns out, apparently, I owe her. That’s right, she borrowed $20,000 from me (and according to my Dad, argued that because she was going to have to pay back each of her children that amount, she needed more alimony/support), and apparently I owe her money. From what, you ask? Oh, just the time when she moved me out of the house so she could argue that she was by herself, and thus needed more alimony.

Yep, you read that right. Her son owes her money, from the time he was forcibly moved out of the house, so that she could make a legal case to get more money. Which, I’m told, probably counts as defrauding the court, especially since I was forcibly dragged back to living with her after the lease was up and the case was settled (in her favor, I do believe). And now, apparently, that amount was enough to surpass the $1500 owed for my graduation present (my sister got a cruise, I got called a selfish bastard for wanting to go visit my GF at the time in another state for her birthday, and told I’d get the money when I had something better for it) and what I do believe was at least $2000 left from the initial $20k.

At which point, I’ve realized, my mother had made her choice. She’s going to remain a power tripping abuser, no matter what happens in her life. She’s going to blame everyone but herself for why I turned against her. She is not going to pay back what is owed. I find it doubtful she’s even going to return the rest of my stuff to me. She’s going to drag it out for as long as she can, threaten to destroy what’s left, and in the end…she might take it to the dump anyways. After all, she had no problem taking away my most precious and beloved toys as a kid and locking them away form months, even a year or two, on end. I can see her destroying what’s left of my stuff out of spite.

Which leaves me to make my choice. Do I try to get my stuff back, put up with her villainy and abuse, or do I do what I believe I should have done when I moved out? Do I try to regain my precious collection, and the dream of playing with them in the future with my kids, or do I give into the rage and scorch the earth with my demonic fury as I go after her?