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So, after a bit of a rough weekend, what with wrecking my car on weds and all the fun fall out that has fallowed, we went to go take my friend F out to dinner. Partially for the fun, partially to get him away from his dad, and partially because I owed him a dinner from a few weeks ago. In the end, dinner went  well, or as well as dinner can go for three exhausted people with too much stress and too little money.

The fun began when we took him back home. His dad was coming up and R went stiff as a board. Now, I can’t sense your average magical creature for shit (I can however pick up the big ones and possibly some that R can’t pick up), but when R goes like that, it’s like little birds in coal mines. Turns out F’s dad is surrounded by what R calls Jackals.

Jackals are scavenger spirits that tend to follow around bigger things. Often enough you may find them in ones or twos. This time there apparently was a pack of them. Which means something big.

Namely a demon that has been attached to F’s dad since his teens (from Vietnam). Thankfully, for now we are all alright, though it tried to latch onto R since she has the weakest shields of the three of us. F’s shields are insane by all accounts. Mine are pretty beefy, but R thinks it left me alone because of my Archleone ability. In terms of power R said it was about an 11, which in matter of perspective is the same power level she rates me and F at, only F and I are untrained, which probably puts him at a 6-8 and me at maybe somewhere between 5-8 depending on what I’m doing.

Which means it pretty much outclassed us. It pretty much shrugged off F’s invocation of his god. My invocation only made the Jackals angry, and I never got a chance to throw either prayers or Archleone Devourum at it, but my Archleone was going wild to the point I had to try and seal it using my pendulum charm. At the moment I’ve got my arm wrapped up in an old support wrap from my karate class that I’m planning on enspelling to act as a removable barrier.

Thankfully it wasn’t interested in a fight, for now, but the host grows weak and it will soon be looking for a new host. Which means R and I are looking into some defenses and training for F, at least until he can get away to where he wants to go.