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So, I hear that everyone else is getting a bloody rainy day. 11′ swells in NYC, or something like that. DC catching Hel. Makes you wonder if someone isn’t a little upset with certain other people for their lack of honor and valor.

Who knows. All I know is that we’re getting something like a “once in a hundred” years kinda storm, and there is a Thunder God out there who probably isn’t happy with the way certain things are being handled. Or maybe I’m just projecting my displeasure at the way certain things are being handled.

Especially as more information comes out about what happened in Libya. Or the fact that the details are being buried until after the election.
On the flip side of things, Freyr showed up for the first time for me. Seems a rather skinny guy, with long brown hair and beard, but over all, pretty cool. We’ll see if he sticks around, but I think I feel his presence about since this evening. Who knows, it’s always fun to meet another of my Godkin.

from deviant art. Freyr and his wife Gerd.

Lastly, I checked my other email (which I never have time for anymore, despite that it is my business email) and found something pretty badass from my dad. Apparently his ballroom dancing studio had their Halloween party a week or so ago (I missed it) and he sent me a picture of his costume. Which he didn’t tell me about.

Is my dad not awesome or what?