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So, today, hopefully, I am going to find a car.

For those not in the know, I wrecked my car last month and it’s been one thing after another. But finally I have some money, and today we go and search. Hopefully by the end of it I have something. We’ll see what we find, and what the Gods bring to us. So any luck and well wishes would be appreciated.

It’s been a learning experience, not having a car again. When I had my last wreck, I was in college and lived on the bus line. Now I work half an hour from my home and not on a bus line, but in another city. Thankfully I’ve had co-worker and friends who can give me lifts, but I hated to inconvenience them. The fact that my coworker has refused to give me anymore rides (because he hasn’t gotten to see his girlfriend for two weeks) means getting a car is really important.

So here’s hoping and praying that we find something good today.