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So, I’ve been told I can actually post the names of those involved in our journey.

These our our foes.

I suppose I will start off with the boy’s father: Paul Vallerand. As mentioned the lawyer, hired by his parents (for the illegal resistance to a lawful order to terminate temporary custody), attacked mine and R’s religion as a reason to be unsuitable for the care taking of her son. Well, Paul was the one who introduced R to Paganism. In fact, he was something of a priest at the time they met. Not to mention that he engaged in the art of exorcism with R supporting him, and according to R potentially made several pacts with high level demons and devils. He has since become “Christian” and while swearing (as reported to us by the “best friend”) had no idea the Lawyer was going to use religion to attack us.

He is also pressing his desire for custody. After having spent the first four and a half or so years of his son’s life working around 80 hours a week to avoid being home (often for 40 hours of pay). He also had six months or so where he said he was coming to take custody, but constantly insisted he didn’t have the money to do so. Despite going on nearly weekly vacations with his new gf (who didn’t show up to the trial). It was only after R got frustrated with her ex, and could provide a safe place for her son, that he suddenly decided to act on his “desire for custody.”

Next we have the Grandmother: Tina Grant. While I do not know much of this woman….bitch seems too small a word. Possibly an insult to bitches out there. By all accounts she is the type of woman who is “submissive” to her husband, but dominating and controlling of everyone else. She certainly had no issues with the use of religion against us, and has proven a great difficulty in the contacting of R’s Son via the phone. Some of the actions she has engaged in, along with the apparently massive amounts of badmouthing R she’s done, I do believe a serious case for parental interference can be made.

Next up is her husband: David Grant. I believe that all that need be said to discribe this man is this. When meeting her son as McDonalds, he lay in wait for her and started screaming at R, calling her a slut and a whore, in front of everyone. I myself had a near run in with him at the court house. I confronted Paul, and turned around to find David right in my face, with not three inches between us. He declaired “we were exactly alike” (still trying to figure out who he was talking about, me and his son, or me and R?) and informed me that he was not someone I wanted to fuck with.

His intimidate roll failed because I am a Norseman and had at least half a foot of height on him. And I know he’s a bastard who doesn’t apparently control what he says about R around her son. Had I had my staff (I was forced to leave it at home) and we not been in the courthouse, I would have pulled a Gandalf on him and thocked him soundly.

Next is the Lawyer: Richard Davis Jr. This is the man who violated rights and law, who wasted our time, and ultimately ran us into the ground. A trial lawyer, rather than a mere family court lawyer, this is the man who was the voice of this injustice. He isolate R, ran out the clock, and tried to prove that at least my religion was bad because some of us engage in “ritual sacrifice.”

Apparently he’s never read the first five books of the bible. Or the rest of them. Or really understood what it was that Jesus did on the cross. Or what rabbis and imams do when they prepare kosher slaughter.

And he either didn’t know what a webcam was or was attempting to invalidate how I could have seen R with her son before I’d met her in person. With pleasure did I inform him of its existence and use.

Then we have former friend: Amanda, who I’m just gonna go with is an insecure little wretch. She was due to be a witness. I have no idea what it was she was going to say, but she pulled aside the son’s pre-school teacher when we were sequestered, pulled her behind a closed door, and conferred upon the testimony that was to be given. (Cheap doors don’t make the best barriers). R had lived with her and her bf Bob, who had long been a friend of R and who R had supported through great trials and troubles. It is the measure of a man who will repay his debts. Bob has bitch tits, as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t know anything about the pre-school teacher, other than apparently she was with the opposing side. It would have been interesting to know if she was going to mention R never getting in touch with her as a reason to not return custody. As R has tried repeatedly to get in touch with her, but Tina has refused constantly to disclose the name of the teacher, the name of the school R’s son goes to, and so forth.

There is the judge in the trial: Jeffery P. Killgore. Despite the awesome last name, he is at best an ineffective man, and at worst a patsy. Though he did cut slack for us in the trial, he did nothing to stop the unlawful questioning of our religion as a reason to be unsuitable as custodians of R’s son. In what was perhaps his attempt to be impartial, he prevented a fair trial. The God Tyr does not shine upon his court.

Lastly we have R’s family, who sent four affidavits to the trial. Copies of these, we do not have, nor were we given. I was under the impression that one needed to give such documents to both sides of the case, but then my knowledge of courtrooms comes mostly from Law and Order, so perhaps family court is different. What I do know is that her two sisters (one gleefully, one reluctantly) stated that R had repeatedly smacked her son in the back of the head. By R’s statement, it happened once, and only after her son had bit hard enough to draw blood. The statements from her mother and father, Laina Therrien and Tim Therrien, are unknown to us at this time, but probably are as vicious and brutal as those by the Grants. Most likely, Tim’s was about the religion, but he has ever been the worst kind of Christian, and has long abused R for her religious choice (despite once having been a Pagan himself).