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So, A Heathen’s Path has actually managed to last for an entire year! Whooo!

Okay, technically the anniversary was back around the last week of December, but I’m not going to nitpick.

This year has been one of a lot of changes. One was that I actually managed to make it nearly an entire year of making blog posts. Yes, near the end I kinda failed to make daily posts, but I came close, really close. Life’s gone through a lot of changes, most of them good. A few of them hard. But that is life in and of itself.

Where are we going from here? Not sure. I’ll try to pick up the posting again. Hopefully this year I can actually make more progress on both my sorcery and my faith. I want to become a gothi. Perhaps with any luck I’ll manage to do that by the end of this year, at the latest. Certainly last year was full of a lot of big changes. This one likely will be as well.

I want to wish everyone a happy new year, and blessings upon you.