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So, I read a lot of webcomics. Along with comic books, they’re one of the few things I have the time to sit down and read and keep up with. Novels are almost right out with my new, busy life (as evidenced by the fact that the latest Harry Dresden book should have been read in a matter of hours, and it took me over a week! 😡 ).

And, occasionally, I manage to find a webcomic that is actually Norse in nature! One of these that I’ve just archive binged is Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki. It’s about a boy turned into a magical Valkyrie in order to defend the Nine Worlds from Surt. It’s not that far into the story line, but the author does a pretty cool job writing and drawing it, and captures the attitudes of the Gods and Goddesses really well. While by no means perfect, it’s a fun read and one I look forwards to keeping an eye on in the future. So I’m gonna plug it here on the blog, hopefully get it some love, and you’ll see a link to the side for now. 🙂