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This was written back on Jan 20, 2011. Things have changed since then, but from there some of these things remain true as we look towards building the communities we need to survive.


In my last post, I put forth what I feel must be the first step in building pagan and heathen communities. A sense of tribalism, nationalism, whatever you wanna call it, where we move past and set aside what makes us all different, and remember what makes us the same.

Here in Part 2, is the next thing I think we will need to build and sustain a community or communities.


Think about it, sure carrying on the traditions of our paths is important, but if we’re building a community it’s going to be known, and different kinds of communities will require different kinds of skills.

If one is part of a community that is building from scratch on land they’ve bought in the country, well you’re gonna need to know how to build buildings, do wiring, plumbing, farming, and hundreds of other little things we don’t normally think about.

Why? Because you would be doing something that hasn’t really been done lately. But we do have keys to this. There are trade schools and apprenticeships for most of the basic skills. There are communities like the Amish that we can learn how to work together from, as well as many a good skill to get, as most of us will not be wealthy and so the shiny toys of modernity won’t be as available to us as older methods will be.

In the instance of moving into a neighborhood and building a community there, many of the above skills could also be useful as well. In truth all the skills that I can come up with would be needed for both community types.

Diplomacy would be key, both internally and externally. Keeping a bunch of pagans and heathens together, focused, and getting along when the former tend to act like wild cats and the latter like wolves is both a hard task and the most important. As I said in my previous post, without Community, there is no community. Also in dealing with the larger population outside of the Community itself. Getting schools to recognize our views and rights, getting City councils to do the same. Getting the local religions to either back off and play nice, ignore us, or not attack us.

Skill at Arms. This is probably the most controversial skill needed, but by building a community we are painting a target on ourselves and we need to be ready for those that come against us. This means both the ability to use violence on behalf of our communities and the knowledge of how we can use this violence. In the olden days, everyone in pagan societies, especially the Celt, Norse, and Germanic, learned to fight. Martial arts classes are a good idea, the more realistic the training the better. Gun classes, learning to use the weapons of our people, etc, are also good, maybe even a must. Because there are attacks on minority communities, and ours will be no different. Harm none is good, but when they’re at the door, remember it’s yours or theirs.

Why do I say skills like carpentry, electrical wiring, and plumbing are key and we need members that know these skills? Because there will be those that refuse to serve those needs if they know who we are, or will actively sabotage us. Not only do we need people certified in those skills, we need them to be the best of the best, because there will likely be those who will use any excuse to shut us down.

We will need those who know the law. It’s already pretty clear that “lawfare” is a tactic many are willing to use. I’ve heard tales of children services removing children from pagan homes. There will be lawsuits. We need warriors of the law to guard us and fight back for their communities without the devastation that other law firms will charge.

Farmers, who know how to bring forth food. Gardens are good, and we should each have one, but for the communities in the country, larger food supplies will be needed, for both sustainability and added income into the community.

Capitalism, even though it is much maligned will aid us and we should use it responsibly. Each person must own their own home/land. It should not be communal property. This will invest each person into their own part more fully, and in the case something goes wrong for one, it will not destroy the entire community. We help each other through the hard times, but we own what we own as individuals. That is the Western Way.

Teachers will be a must shortly there after. If needed, homeschooling is an option, but the ability to create a private pagan/heathen school where the community has the direct control of what our next generation learns will be a boon. There are many educational programs out there we can learn from and implement so that our children are the best and brightest, because they will need to be. We cannot let the dogmas of religion and politics influence our children away from their heritage, nor poison their minds against their fellows.

Medical professionals will also be needed, both alternative and modern. The former because it is our way and healthier, the latter because it gives us options and protects us from attacks.

We need to amass the skills needed to protect, sustain, and grow our communities, and more importantly our children. The community’s survival is based on its children surviving and thriving to carry on the way of that community. Lose them and all our building and planning is for naught. And we can be sure that there are those who would like to see us fail and will target the next generation. We need to be able to stand up and protect ourselves.