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So, generally, I’m happy to leave the politics behind. I used to be pretty political, and I can still be so, but with little time to write I like to focus on religion more. But I figured I could at least mention this. Apparently women are now being allowed to serve on the Front Lines of combat.

Now initially I figured this meant infantry and such, but apparently that might have already been covered, and now we’re talking about the special forces and so forth. This is all because of an ACLU lawsuit to make this happen. At least according to CNN.

I’m fine with women fighting out there. My ancestors allowed our women to fight beside the men, and some of our raiding parties had at least half their members be women. So from a cultural perspective, I’m fine with that.

So here’s some questions I have.

Will standards fall? Not sure, but one of the talking heads my sleeping brain heard said they would. Magic 8 ball says answers to follow.

People are talking about the sexual assault issue. Will this increase? Certainly the threat from the enemy doing it does. Our own troops the jury will have to wait.

Will women now be subject to the draft like men are? If we’re looking at matters of equality, it would seem only fair. After all, if I can be drafted to go to war simply because I am a man, and the only reason women weren’t subject to the draft was because they were women and women couldn’t fight on the front lines, with them now able to fight on the front lines shall they be drafted?

Your thoughts?