I like his thoughts here. It’s a bit different than Heathenism, but there’s a lot of cross over that could do well for my people.

Aspis of Ares

So instead of posting my first C post for the Pagan Blog Project late, I thought I’d post it early. I wanted to talk about the idea of conservatism in religion and how that relates to both reconstructionism in general and Hellenic reconstructionism in particular. Keep in mind throughout though, that I’m talking about religion, not politics (though you can infer/extrapolate what you will).

Now, for starters, I’ll come out and say it: I’m religious. I’m not spiritual, I don’t get the tinglies in the presence of the ineffable, and I certainly don’t get into the idea that religion is something “someone just made up, man.”

Religion is inherently conservative. That is to say that religion is systematic (follows rules or guidelines[aka traditions]), resists rapid and unnecessary change, and establishes or provides a cohesive and continuous narrative for a group of people. So what does this all mean? Well, let’s break it…

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